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Advantages of Stackable and Collapsible Racking System

Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2015-6-17 20:14:54

With the increase of land cost, investments on new warehouses are receiving more and more attention from the management level. It doesn't only drive high the total business cost, but the competitance of the company will be crippled too.

Here is a sollution to fix the problem---to stock more products in the same warhouse.


ZEAL-LINE is a professional manufacturer of collapsible and stackable racks, cages, baskets for TBR, PCR, LTR, OTR, AGR tires in Qingdao, China.


With max stack of 5 unit high, here are advantages of our racks:

1. warehouse well organized;
2. products well categorized;
3. transportation much easier & faster;
4. space use more efficient;
5. warehouse less costly;
6. management modernized.

Hope we have the chance to serve your business.

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